Debt Thermometers

I know we just talked about finances yesterday — but I just had to share what is going on in my mind!  Matt and I are trying to pay down all of our debt, as we have been since we got married.  We are blessed to say we paid off our truck loan about 5 months after we got married, and have slowly been working on school loans and our mortgage.  I had this brilliant (to me) idea to make debt thermometers.  The idea is that we can literally see how much debt we have left to pay off, and it encourages us to keep going (and make frugal life decisions)!  I have had this idea for over a year now, but have not put in the effort to actually draw the thermometers.  I am hoping that posting it here will make me do it, just like Emily’s talk about closet organization.


Have any of you ever made a debt thermometer?  Any idea if this will work?

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About Megan

Why hello there! I’m Megan! I live in Southern California with my husband, Matt and two adorable cats. Matt and I met during a church college group event and were married three years later on a sunny March day in 2008. Monday through Thursday I’m crunching numbers and doing bid work for a large construction company. During the rest of my time I cook, bake, crochet, sew and watch TV.

3 thoughts on “Debt Thermometers

  1. This is a great idea! I would suggest using a half red half white ribbon in the middle so that you can slide it up and down on the scale that you make on the outside of the thermometer. That way, you can immediately see your progress and you don’t have to color it in or anything. I hope that makes sense! :) I’d love to see pictures when you make it!

  2. Sarah, that’s a cute idea! And Megan, that’s a good idea, too. Visuals are so helpful when needing motivation to achieve your goals.

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