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Jessica and I reconnected a few years back, as we both started to plan our weddings around the same time. The internet has kept us close, and we often have crafting dates when I visit home. She has a personal blog, which she keeps private to friends, but which is full of fabulous DIY projects and such — I am trying to convince her to make it visible to the world! [Edited to add 6/9/2011 Jessica has now created a DIY blog, and you can find the longer post about her dresser here] Without any further ado, take it away, Jess…


Hi Newlywife Readers,

It is such a joy to be sharing a bit about our DIY journey and recently completed project that I seriously can not take my eyes off of! When Megan asked me to share, I was head-over-heels excited and so honored! Thanks, Megan!

Here’s me with my lovely family. My handsome and wonderful hubby, William. And my sweet and wild son, Ezra. Together, we love to travel, laugh a lot, enjoy the outdoors, and be silly. We also love to DIY and it seems like it’s becoming quite a hobby for us.

I’m really in love with the DIY {Do-It-Yourself} movement that I’ve been seeing while surfing blogs. They have been such a source of inspiration for my husband, William, and I. So many talented people who can foresee the updated final product when looking at a crummy, out-dated, but steal-of-a-deal priced piece. When William and I got married, we had very little money and a recently purchased townhouse to fill. Most of our pieces {even today, 3.5 years later} came from my parents and grandparents who kindly donated to our start-up cause. So, since we love spending time together, William has some experience with construction and I love getting crafty, it was only a matter of time before we turned DIY into a hobby while our son, Ezra, is asleep.

Since baby #2 is only months away from his arrival, I, with my nesting instinct, came up with a full list of projects that William and I could cover together to update our place without spending much money. One of the pieces that I was really looking forward to updating was our master bedroom dresser. After doing some inspiration research, I was ready to go!

Our steps:

1) We sanded down the dark cherry finish.

I always recommend getting friends involved too! Some guys really like this kind of stuff and are very willing to help out with a promise of lunch and some beer! :)

2) We faced the reality of our clothes covering our floor while we worked on this project.

3) We primed

4) We spray painted the knobs for a cheap {read:$3} updated look. I used high-gloss white.

5) We painted two coats of Behr’s Citrus Zest to the dresser with paint rollers. Covered it with a protective coat and moved everything back up stairs!

We were able to complete this entire project for $30 {with a $25 gift card to Lowe’s}

Since working together, William and I have gotten an awesome system down. We love listening to podcasts or sermons while we work because they naturally lead to some great conversation. DIY also naturally allows for practicing compromise, communication, and over all respect of each others’ tastes.

Here are a few other projects we’ve done together:

Lastly, here are some great “starting point” blog resources if you’re wanting to take the DIY plunge!

Under the Sycamore

Welcome to Heardmont


Thank you so much, Jessica, for such an inspiring post!  Between this and Emily’s kitchen, I’m feeling the need to get DIYing myself!  I am thinking we should have Jess over more often to post, what do you all think?  Has this post inspired you to start a new project?

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: DIY in the Bedroom

  1. Jessica, that looks fantastic! I love the color. It really gives the furniture some new life. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the color :) I always read your blog and curse myself for being so… un-crafty. Maybe once I own my own home, I’ll get the urge to do it more :)

  3. YES! So excited to see Jess as a guest poster! Love this and glad you got to share with more people. Jess isn’t only talented in her DIY’ing, but she’s an amazingly sweet and faithful friend!

  4. Em — It totally gives it new life. Now I am re-thinking the dresser that we were going to dump!

    Mo — you are super crafty, you can totally do it in your apt!!

    Stefanie — you are so true about Jess, she is amazing all around!

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