NewlyWife Likes #13

Anyone thinking that another day off sounds good right about now? I’m here to officially start the petition for making every weekend three days long! Who’s with me? So while we get that sorted out, I have a few things to share with you…

  • Fake It ‘Til You Make It: My hilarious friend Heather has started a blog: Heather Homefaker. Sure, lots of people start blogs every day, but hers is one you’ll want to follow. It combines her genius comedy with attempts at becoming domesticated. Spoiler alert: she succeeds at both!
  • Legit Kitchen Essentials: Usually, when someone puts together a list of kitchen essentials, it’s because they want your money. When you register for stuff before your wedding, the stores tend to say that you MUST get an item from each and every department. Yes, that avocado slicer is ESSENTIAL to buy. Anywho, all that to say is that I really wish I had come across a kitchen essentials list like Tina’s on My Life as a Mrs.
  • No Place Like Home … Or Someone Else’s: You may want to bookmark the recent link party held by Kate of Centsational Girl. She asked people to share inside information on what makes their hometown a great place to visit. I would have loved to participate, but didn’t have the time.

city coast wine country

Sorry for the short link-share this week. Blame the short week, I guess. That and my “vacation” turned out to be jam-packed full of fun stuff, which was great but very tiring. I’m still catching up on lost energy.

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Hi, I'm Emily! I live in Northern California with my husband Matt. When not blogging here or at Sparkle Meets Pop, DIYing, wine tasting or baking, I spend my days marketing in the wine and spirits industry, and some nights I take work home with me and sip on the fruit of my labor. :)

3 thoughts on “NewlyWife Likes #13

  1. Thanks for the link! You’re the best!

    P.S. I showed my boyfriend the post with your freshly painted bedroom walls and asked if he’d let me try it at his house … he still hasn’t regained color in his face. I’ll definitely be blogging about that if I get him drunk enough to agree to let me try :)

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