NewlyWife Likes #32

I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I’ve been bitten by the shopping bug. Now, I haven’t really been out shopping, I just can’t stop looking at outfits and think “that would be perfect in my wardrobe.” I know none of you are ever caught thinking that… ;) So while we get our minds off of spending our entire paychecks on pretty things, here is the latest set of links to share.

  • On Target: Well, let’s not get off of shopping just yet. Have you seen the cute spring home stuff that is about to hit Target stores? Sign me up for that … and for spring!
  • Honey Badger Doesn’t Give a … Spritz: Bri of Design Love Fest fame has created a cocktail that I can’t wait to try. It’s named after the noble, graceful creature that is the Honey Badger. If you believe that last statement, you obviously haven’t seen the hilarious video yet…
  • You’ve Been Framed: Do you ever find yourself with more frames than you know what to do with? Instead of holding art, they can become art. Check out this tutorial by Living With Lindsay. Seems doable!
  • Have 5 Minutes and a Men’s T? If you’re like me, your husband has a ton of T shirts and he may not realize one is missing. Check out this tutorial for a waterfall vest.
  • I’m Such a Tease: I know I said that posting all these links will help get your mind off of shopping. Well, after seeing pictures from Danielle Moss’ home as featured in Rue Magazine, I’m inspired to change up some of our decor around here. (Via Live Creating Yourself)

So who’s going to be my shopping buddy?

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Hi, I'm Emily! I live in Northern California with my husband Matt. When not blogging here or at Sparkle Meets Pop, DIYing, wine tasting or baking, I spend my days marketing in the wine and spirits industry, and some nights I take work home with me and sip on the fruit of my labor. :)

2 thoughts on “NewlyWife Likes #32

  1. adam asked me last weekend “why are you shopping so much?!” guess i’m on a kick. i didn’t ask him why we are buying new stuff for the living room, i just went with it :) maybe he just wants presents. let’s go shopping!!!!

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