Our Kitchen: Before and After Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation

Update: Below are the results of the kit, my review of the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kit is in another post.

It’s finally here: the big kitchen reveal! As you may remember, Matt and I tackled the kitchen cabinet redo over Memorial Day weekend. It took a little longer (OK, a lot longer) than expected, but we’re glad to finally have it completed. A full review of the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations will follow. I’d recommend it, but not without some helpful tips that I will write about later.

Here was our kitchen before. It actually doesn’t look bad, but when you look closely, the cabinets were faded and grimy and made our kitchen feel older. Plus, we tend to like darker woods.

What our kitchen looked like.


Here is some of the progress…

Home improvement -- isn't it glamorous? ;)


Here are the painted cabinets!

Notice anything else new besides painted cabinets? But we wanted to go one step further. Cabinets should really have pulls, or else there is grimy stuff all over them (like in our original cabinets). So a quick trip to Ikea and Lowe’s our cabinet transformation was complete!

What do you think? We really like the fresh update!

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13 thoughts on “Our Kitchen: Before and After Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation

  1. Holy Moly! It’s gorgeous!!! I hear ya on “it.takes.stinking.forever” ;) Any plans we have now, I’m at least multiplying the time by two…maybe four after this baby comes. ;)

  2. Thanks, everyone! We really are enjoying it. And Megs, it wasn’t a new light. We are hoping to replace it at some point.

  3. It looks very updated and pulls and handles will help keep them cleaner. Updating the light in the future will also help your kitchen look updated. Updated kitchen do help sell houses/condos.

  4. Looks awesome and the pulls make a HUGE difference. Good job! But, you forgot the 12-pack of Bud Light like the commercial for kitchen remodels … (we see that one at our house because we watch a lot of sports on TV.)

    Anyway, great job.

  5. Im thinking about doing this. How durable have you found the product to be?

  6. Hi Tonya, it is very durable. Since the product is essentially paint, it should hold up as well as painted cabinets. The only spot showing signs of slight wear is the edge of the cutting board, which was originally the same oak finish as the cabinets. We expected this to be the case, since we cook often and use the cutting board, but in almost a year the cutting board still looks good when closed. Hope that helps.

  7. After 3 days, I’ve finally finished with the protective top coat. Didn’t have any problems with the application. I didn’t find it foamy or streaky, but it doesn’t have much of the glossy sheen I was hoping for. In your photos, the cabinets seem to be a little glossier. Did you use a different product for your final top coat?

  8. Hello, I have been considering doing my kitchen. After I’ve seen yours I’m diffenitly doing mine. One question though, what color did you choose cuz I luv it & wanna use the same color in my kitchen. I have all black appliances as well. Thx Lora in Michigan.

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