Redoing Our Kitchen Cabinets

I’ve been wanting to redo the kitchen for a while. We’ve got started on one side, with the kitchen table, but now we’ve got the cabinets to spruce up. Our goal is to spend as little as possible to spiff up our house here and there.

Having already done the sanding, priming, painting business on our bathroom cabinets, I thought I might try the the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit that I’ve been seeing around the interwebs. Essentially it claims to be an easier way to change up the look of your cabinets. After seeing a couple trusted blogger friends try it out, I think we’re ready to take the plunge. The before and afters on their website were pretty convincing, too.

So I hit up the Photoshop and made a little magic to try to decide whether we should go dark or light.

What our kitchen currently looks like.

White kitchen ... just didn't work.

Espresso seems just right. Right? What do you think?

For now, we’re keeping the counters even though they are no bueno. I had thought light cabinets would be my top choice, but after seeing the edited photo, I wasn’t so sure. We have a galley kitchen, and I still think that going dark might make it seem smaller, but since there are two windows in there, I think it will be OK.

The kit is about $250, but we have some Home Depot gift cards so it will be free for us! We’re waiting for a free weekend/week to put this kit to the test, but we are excited to have a semi-updated kitchen on the cheap.

Have you made any upgrades to your kitchen?


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8 thoughts on “Redoing Our Kitchen Cabinets

  1. i love my new kitchen but when we first moved in it looked pretty awful…space-wise it was great, it was just visually unappealing. we’ve since repainted, switched out all of the cabinet hardware, and bought a new light fixture. it now looks like a completely new room! i LOVE it!

  2. Oh I’m so excited to hear about how this goes for you! I would really like to update our kitchen cabinets (they are an ugly sand color)

    We’ve only added a garbage disposal, which was one of the best investments!

  3. When you are at the Home Depot, look to see if they have any counter tops on clearance. Sometimes they will have a returned counter top that might work. Also, if you could remove the backsplash and put in glass tile it would update the look of your kitchen to go with the darker cabinets.

  4. We’re really excited for the change, too! And yes, it’s those little luxuries that make life so much better.

  5. We will definitely have to look at the clearance stuff! I also hear that Ikea’s as-is section is pretty decent albeit hit or miss. We have to be careful not to over improve our place, but also make it a place we enjoy.

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