Inspiration for a Decoraphobe

Have I mentioned how I was going to let my house recuperate after the holidays? Maybe I was letting myself recuperate, too. Yet I still haven’t really changed anything and it’s February. Whoops.

The issue at hand, I believe, is that I can’t figure out the accessorizing part. Either my surfaces seem unconventional — large curvy bookcase or a TV over a mantel — or I just don’t understand the function of having certain things here or there. Give me a space and I can figure out a furniture placement or wall color, but beyond that I just get stuck. Maybe it’s because I my collection of accessories is rather random or too similar?

Either way, I figured I needed to study. So I’ve been saving photos to a Pinterest board so that when I’m ready to get back in the decorating groove, I have some inspiration. These are some of my favorites. I actually even pinned the first one twice. :)

1 (don’t know source!), 2, 3, 4

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this kind of decor dilemma!

Post Holiday Decor Palate Cleanse

This year I was eager to take down the Christmas decorations. The holidays were great, don’t get me wrong, but it was about time to get back to normal. The only thing is … I didn’t really replace it with much. See the (intentionally) boring decor below.

Things either didn’t really move or were just set down willy nilly. To be honest, I feel like I needed this decor palate cleanse. So often temporary arrangements end up being permanent. I don’t know about you, but after a while I start to stare through even my favorite pieces.

Eventually I’ll rearrange, but for now I think I’ll leave things how they are for a couple weeks. Then I’ll likely take strip down the books and vases from their shelves and start anew. I guess the thrill of a new year has impacted my decor choices as well as other aspects of life

Is anyone else with me in clicking reset on home decor post holidays?

Model Living & Study Spaces

How do you spend your day off? While on our way to lunch, Matt and I ended up taking a detour into a ritzy new development. Initially, we just intended to drive around and be out in a matter of minutes. Well, two model home tours later, we went to lunch and then toured an open house and three more model homes on the other side of town. These homes are beautifully decorated, so I snapped some shots with Matt’s iPhone. Sorry for the lack of quality, but it was an impromptu trip, after all.

I’ll start off with some living spaces:

These spaces are stylish and inviting — a winning combination if you ask me. Here’s some similarities I noticed and that you can consider when going for a similar feel:

  • Light, textured rugs: the shag screams cozy, practically inviting bare feet to make a stop on the fuzzy oasis.
  • Brown-toned sofas: the dark colors help balance the lighter rugs and walls. I have to imagine that they’re helpful with stains, too!
  • Balancing soft and hard: The main pieces — sofas, rugs, coffee tables and windows and wall treatments — are structured with modern lines. It’s a clean look, whereas overly-stuffed sofas can look sloppy. To add balance by softening the lines, they add cute, oversized throw pillows to the mix. Window treatments can bring softness as well.
  • Sassy shapes: Accessories bring these rooms out of potential boredom. Whether it’s a mirror or art, these shapes stand out and bring in personality.

Study areas are next, which almost makes me miss school work. Almost. Okay, not really, but anyway:

I should note that I am a tad biased, as this home had light blues all over the place. Anything within the realm of teal to robin’s egg blue makes my heart flutter, so you can imagine how tough it was for Matt to drag me out of there. Things that set these home offices apart from the rest are…

  • Storage: This isn’t a cubicle. There’s enough room for supplies and to blend in to other areas (the one on the right was just off of the kitchen), but it still seems like a beautiful place to produce inspired work.
  • Bright white: I like a nice, clean space to help dispel any distractions.
  • Comfort: See the window seats with throw pillows and that to-die-for zebra cube? What about the vases and lamps? No one in their right mind would avoid getting to work with that homey feeling and glam elements.

I’ll be back next week to share the kitchens and fancy bedrooms.

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