NewlyWife Likes #61

This week it’s all about GOLD!

1: Get crafty and festive by making some glittery gold votives. These would be perfect for a holiday meal, sprinkle these along with some tinsel and you’re golden! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it…)

2: This nature-inspired birch bracelet from Anthropologie is so simple yet stunning.

3: Cat eyes are so much fun, glam it up even more with liquid gold liner. I found a silver brush kind at Ulta a couple years ago. Check there or Sephora for something similar, and ask a sales associate to help you master it at the store before you get it home. It can be tricky!

4: I love the look of black nails, but am always afraid they will seem too dark during the festive parties. Solution found with gold stripes!

NewlyWife Likes #57

1: Must figure out how to make this wine bottle and barrel chandelier! Goodness knows I have plenty of bottles to work with…

2: The cutest nails that Julianne Hough had for the Emmy’s. Perfectly placed glitter can be challenging when it comes to nailpolish, but I want to try this one!

3: It’s almost leggings/cozy sweater/boots time! That is, once the weather cools down. It’s been unseasonably warm here — like 106 degrees on Monday!

NewlyWife Likes #47

1: Cute and easy DIY? Sign me up! Check out these cute marble-painted name cards by the lovely Erin of House of Earnest.

2: Honest packaging? Funny story: I pinned this bottle of wine last week because wine packaging is part of my work. Then on a quick and casual trip to Napa on Saturday, I ended up at the winery (Swanson Vineyards) and buying a bottle for us to enjoy on Father’s Day. That is, since I’m used to enjoying expensive wine with my parents.

3: Wrapped up in cuteness! Found this bag via Making it Lovely’s post on Babble. It can be found here — and not too bad for $39!

4: Make me up! I can sometimes get caught in the doldrums when it comes to makeup. I love this eye makeup! I’m always a bit unsure about putting eyeshadow underneath the eyes, but if it would turn out this cute I should get over my silly fear.


NewlyWife Likes #43

1: Sunscreen 101. Did you know that the rules about sunscreen labeling have changed in a big way? Target’s blog had a good breakdown that will help keep you safe from the sun this summer.

2: Sundae Yummy Sundae. Kahlua Hot Fudge ohmygoodness that sounds amazing. It reminds me that we need to clear some space in the freezer for the ice cream maker.

3: Office of Cuteness. Samantha at The Brunette One has a cute office nook look. I know I could be productive in that space!

NewlyWife Likes #40

As Megan said yesterday, we’re both pretty tired from our weekend. I played the first Ultimate Frisbee tournament in about a year and I am still walking around like an old lady. Every. Move. Hurts. Ow. At least it doesn’t take much effort to scope out some great stuff on the Internet! Check out my finds this week…

1: San Francisco’s 7×7 Magazine had a great article by Katie Crouch called “Is Keeping Up with Trends Worth a Life of Debt?” A funny yet striking story about how quickly one can get carried away with spending.

2: Gwen Stefani rocked the pink hair and now you can too — temporarily, that is! Alyssa at The Sparkly Life and Shape Magazine’s beauty editor shows us how with a neat new product.

3: Let’s get girly for a moment: shaving is a pain, especially when you have sensitive skin that doesn’t get along with most shaving creams and gels. The Blush recommends … olive oil! I just started using baby oil with positive results, so I’ll probably give this one a try as well.

4: Love the neon trend but aren’t sure if you’re quite ready to dip your toes into this loud trend yet? Take a baby step with a cute piece of jewelry, like those featured by The Brunette One.

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