Bachelorette Party Gift Idea

I talked a little bit about Bachelorette parties earlier this week — thanks for the positive feedback on Facebook about not wanting to go to parties that were too crazy.  The one thing that is fun about bachelorette parties, though, is the appropriate sex talk.  Not like “birds and bees,” but “are you excited for intimacy?”  Some of us have questions, and others advice to share — bachelorette parties are a great time to have this girly chit chat.  Jessica from Happy Together has a wonderful bachelorette gift that encourages intimacy for newlyweds — and it is a great way to start those sometimes awkward conversations.  I talked to her about the set, and she let me know that the inspiration came from a book Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.  And yes, this is the gift basket that I talked about last year!

Red = Romance

The gift is actually a kit of creative things to encourage intimacy.  I have made this for a few friends and they loved it!  I added a few things (and left some off) to what Jess started with; and of course I included lingerie (in a heart shaped box).  Important to keep in mind, Valentines’s Day sales (or the dollar store around V-Day) is a perfect time to buy these cute bags covered in red hearts.  I also added fake rose petals to each bag to make it super girly and fancy.  Here is a list of what each bag contained and the note that went with it (the first six are from Jess):

1. A cookbook and an apron. (I found a really cute vintage one at Ross for her, but if you have the time, make one yourself or buy one from Etsy.) “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and, errrrr, something else. Take care of both by cooking him a good meal while wearing only this apron.”

2. Markers and drawing pad. “Be an artist. Have one person draw and the other model with nothing on, then switch. Make sure to accentuate certain parts.”

3. Body spray. “A Game: Spray a little bit of body spray somewhere (preferably a hidden place) on your body. Your spouse then has to find where you sprayed it with only his nose.”

4. Candle and bubble bath (I always use Sensual from Bath & Body Works). Attached Explanation: “Light the fire with a nice bubble bath and candles all around. Remember, WEAR HIGH HEELS!”

5. A plastic tarp (I used a shower curtain from the dollar store) and baby oil. “Have some fun and enjoy some laughs while slathering each other with baby oil and sliding around on the plastic.”

6.  Red Lipstick. “Start your husband’s day off right. Leave a message on the mirror with this lipstick that he will see when he first turns on the light.”

7. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream. “Practice your dessert making skills by turning each other into the ice cream sundae.  Optional: putting a cherry on top!”

8.  Shot Glasses. “Drinking Game:  When you get bored one night add tequila and a lime and take body shots.”

Now it’s time for you to share your best bachelorette party activities and gifts!

How To: Mail a Box of Cookies

Have you ever wanted to send cookies to your best friend?  I have!  When I was in high school, I sent cookies to a boy I liked.  And in college I sent cookies to a different boy that I liked — that boy is now my husband! (I have remained friends with the other guy, and my husband and I support him and his wife as they are missionaries!)  In 2006, I sent Matt cookies, a beanie and a toy truck (I knew he was into trucks) for Christmas.  The only issue was that the beanie smelled like chocolate chip cookies for a long time.  I baked the cookies, threw them in a Ziploc, added it to the box and mailed it to him.  I was going to do the same for the winner of Bobbi’s Bake Sale, but then I remembered when my roommate’s Mom sent her cookies and how perfect they were.  Want to learn how to mail cookies like a pro?

Step 1:  Gather your supplies

Step 2: Wrap the Cardboard in foil.  This makes a nice and clean base for putting your cookies onto.

Step 3: Seal the cookies.  I could not get a picture of this step, because our vacuum sealer is old and requires both hands!  But you can see that I put 11 cookies on the foil wrapped board, set that inside a larger sealer bag and sealed it. Don’t seal too much, or you will suck the air out of the cookies themselves, and that would be bad!

Step 4:  Put them nicely in a box. I chose to have them wrapped in tissue paper.  Here you can see that the lucky winner (Amy) got to try my Butterscotch Cake Cookies, as well as the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Step 5:  Add a cute note and get that package in the mail!

What do you think?  Will you ever use this method of mailing cookies? Do you have a vacuum sealer?  Would you like to see more ways to use it?  Let me know in the comments!

How To Make an Initial Onesie

Do you have a bunch of friends having babies?  I feel like I do.  At least, 2009 was the year of babies for me.  So I had to find creative ways to make gifts without breaking the bank.  I loved this initial onesie.  Originally I purchased the onesies at the Dollar Store, but a mom let me know that those were not the best — apparently they can be a bit scratchy one little one’s soft skin.  But you can get a 5 pack of Gerber onesies for 8 to 10 bucks at Target or Walmart or Joanns.  That means your cost is $2 plus a scrap of fabric each.  Not bad for something so personal and thought out, right?

Get together your supplies.  You actually won’t need pins.  But I wanted to show my awesome pin cushion that my mother in law made me for Christmas.  How cute is it?  It is pink too — perfectly me!  And the pins were a stocking stuffer from the hubs.  He fought lines and people at JoAnns for me, that’s love, isn’t it?

What you will need is:

  • Fusible Webbing, like this one.
  • Onesie
  • Fabric Scrap
  • Contrasting Thread

What you will need is fusible webbing and a template.  Or you can freehand it.  But I printed out this awesome template that Jess posted awhile back with the whole alphabet.  Makes my life easy. Trace out the letter of your choosing on the wrong side of the fusible webbing.  The sticky/textured side will be up (not the side that will eventually peel off).

Cut out your template and iron it onto the backside of your scrap fabric.  I love using baby flannel, because it is so soft!

Cut the fabric, right outside the fusible webbing.  If you flip it over, the letter should be the correct way.  Did you do it correctly?

Peel of the backing. Now you have an iron on transfer.  Pretty cool, huh?

Place your letter and iron it onto the onesie.  I just use the cotton setting, I believe.

Sew around the template.  I am not sure if it is a permanent bond, but contrasting thread looks cute anyways!

Check out these cute little onesies! One of these is for a reader, I hope her little one likes it!  (She got it back in January, this post has been a long time coming!)

What do you think of this baby gift?  Will you ever attempt one?  And can you tell that the majority of my crafting gets done late at night and I do not get the best pictures?  Yeah, natural moonlight does not do much for photo quality!

Wedding Shower Favors

As we already learned, I love going to showers and blessing brides with gifts.  I also love hosting showers.  It’s where creativity meets generosity.  How can you go wrong?  I also like to leave the guests with a little something to take home.  It does not have to be extravagant,  but just a little something to say “thanks for coming by and showering the bride with love.”

Favor #1: This was from Emily’s shower, actually.  So this goes back to May 2008!  My mom and I tagged teamed this tea-themed shower, and both came up with this favor idea.  I think I  had the idea for the custom tea bag holder which said Love is Brewing and she found these super cute candles that were half groom and half bride.  I don’t have a picture of it, but take my word, it was cute!  There were 3 or 4 different blues used for the tea holders, and contrasting blue basket grass stuff.  We put them together in a little bag with some candies, and set each one at a place setting in a teacup.  How quaint!

Favor #2: This was the second bash that my mom and I threw, about a month after the tea party.  This shower was for Emily’s sister-in-law (and my new cousin-in-law), who got married 3 weeks after her.  We had an outdoor garden party in my parents backyard.  It was a warm June day and the weather was just right!  We packed these little goodie bags with sunscreen, candy and those tiny flower pots sets from Target (they can be found seasonally in the dollar aisle).  Affixed to the front was a little tag with one of those plantable flowers glued on (it had seeds inside) with a cheesy, but cute poem.  This made it personal, and that way the guests had something to remember for a long time.  There was probably something else in the favor bag that I am forgetting.

(In case you wanted to know what the poem said: Love is Blooming — Plant this flower In a little Pot. Remember the shower, Before they tied the knot.)

Favor #3: These were for a bridal shower that I helped throw last summer.  I made each of these soaps.  I used this tutorial (and yes, it’s the same method as the soaps for L in my wedding shower gifts post) and had images of rings, cakes and hearts on the front.  The bride got a personalized set with a wedding dress and her new initials on it.  (And Lorene, thanks for taking this picture!)

Favor #4:  These were more recent, from a November bridal shower, the same one where I made the snowflake table runner and towels gift.  Winter coziness was our theme, and what fits better than personalized hot cocoa mixes?  We (the shower planners) got together a week before the shower and mixed together the cocoa using this recipe.  I  had previously printed out and stamped (it’s embossed, when you put the powder on the ink and heat set it). The little tags said The Perfect Blend, with instructions on the back.  We then put the cocoa in mason jars and affixed ribbons attached to the little labels.   Again, thanks to Lorene for letting me use her pictures.  I think I forgot my camera at this shower!

Now, what are some of your favorite shower favors that you have either given or received?

Wedding Shower Gifts

I love showers.  Wedding showers, baby showers, hot water showers … haha. Basically, I love to give gifts, it makes me feel like I am loving on someone with my gift to them.  So I want each bridal shower gift that I give to be unique and tailored to the recipient and her husband.  Usually, I make a good portion of the gift myself.  That being said, I will share some of my favorite gifts.

This actually is not recent.  I made this for a friend who was married in March 2009.  I loved the colors of the towels and was so excited to find kitchen accessories to match.  And yes, I did take the picture on the hood of my car behind my apartment.  Oh how times have changed.  :)  This top picture is kitchen towels and utensils. (Yes, I realize the towels and utensils are not homemade, but I did put the gift together!)

This is a twist on the above gift.  The towels are bath towels (2 bath, 2 hand, 2 washcloth) and then there are soaps attached.  I made them, with this tutorial from Anne Marie,  specifically for the bride, L, whose  new last name was going to be N.  She loved the gift (this was from last July).

This next gift was a set for a December shower.  I made a table runner (although, I forgot to take a picture of it) which was used as a decoration.  Then I filled a basket with these matching goodies, and some lingerie!  :)  (I took regular white dish towels and sewed on the strip of coordinating fabric to make the matching towels.)

For this gift, I quilted strips of fabric together and then onto the towel with their kitchen colors.  I bought waffle weave fabric for the towel material.  And the wine charms had cute little hearts with various blue and green beads.  This would go perfectly with a set of wine glasses.

This gift is a fun summer one.  I followed this tutorial to make a tea towel apron.  I found the towel and matching pot holder and dish scrubbers at the Dollar Store.  I know, this makes me sound cheap (and recipient, I know you are a reader, so sorry if it offends you!), but really it is not.  Having such an adorable gift for cheap left me able to spend money on the shower (I made the favors and paid out of pocket) and on lingerie — because you can’t make cheap lingerie!  Anyways, I packed this apron set up with some homemade spices and lingerie.  (Next time I want to try this tutorial for the apron, so the pocket is on the bottom!)

This final gift set it my most recent shower gift, and it gets two pictures. I made these coasters to match the colors of the bride and groom’s house stuff.  I followed this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew (if I do it again, I would enlarge the pattern a bit, as the coasters ended up tiny).  Each back is a solid cut of one of the front colors (so one back was that black triangle pattern, one back was the brown lead … get it?).  Anywho, I also made homemade spice rubs and labels and rosemary olive oil.  I finished the gift up with some of my favorite recipes (saved them in word and printed them on cardstock with cute little graphics) and accessories (measuring spoons and such) from the Dollar Tree — I couldn’t believe they had the exact colors I needed.  The bride loved this gift and I loved making it.

(If you are interested, I can do another post with the recipes for the rubs that I used, and the PDF images of the labels.  Let me know if you want to see that!)

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my favorite shower gifts that I have given.  I loved making each one of these and knowing that it was going to bless the bride that received it.  I also have a great bachelorette gift from Jess, but that will have to wait for another day.  What do you like to give as shower gifts?  Is there a favorite gift that you received?

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