Bachelorette Party Gift Idea

I talked a little bit about Bachelorette parties earlier this week — thanks for the positive feedback on Facebook about not wanting to go to parties that were too crazy.  The one thing that is fun about bachelorette parties, though, is the appropriate sex talk.  Not like “birds and bees,” but “are you excited for intimacy?”  Some of us have questions, and others advice to share — bachelorette parties are a great time to have this girly chit chat.  Jessica from Happy Together has a wonderful bachelorette gift that encourages intimacy for newlyweds — and it is a great way to start those sometimes awkward conversations.  I talked to her about the set, and she let me know that the inspiration came from a book Sheet Music: Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.  And yes, this is the gift basket that I talked about last year!

Red = Romance

The gift is actually a kit of creative things to encourage intimacy.  I have made this for a few friends and they loved it!  I added a few things (and left some off) to what Jess started with; and of course I included lingerie (in a heart shaped box).  Important to keep in mind, Valentines’s Day sales (or the dollar store around V-Day) is a perfect time to buy these cute bags covered in red hearts.  I also added fake rose petals to each bag to make it super girly and fancy.  Here is a list of what each bag contained and the note that went with it (the first six are from Jess):

1. A cookbook and an apron. (I found a really cute vintage one at Ross for her, but if you have the time, make one yourself or buy one from Etsy.) “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and, errrrr, something else. Take care of both by cooking him a good meal while wearing only this apron.”

2. Markers and drawing pad. “Be an artist. Have one person draw and the other model with nothing on, then switch. Make sure to accentuate certain parts.”

3. Body spray. “A Game: Spray a little bit of body spray somewhere (preferably a hidden place) on your body. Your spouse then has to find where you sprayed it with only his nose.”

4. Candle and bubble bath (I always use Sensual from Bath & Body Works). Attached Explanation: “Light the fire with a nice bubble bath and candles all around. Remember, WEAR HIGH HEELS!”

5. A plastic tarp (I used a shower curtain from the dollar store) and baby oil. “Have some fun and enjoy some laughs while slathering each other with baby oil and sliding around on the plastic.”

6.  Red Lipstick. “Start your husband’s day off right. Leave a message on the mirror with this lipstick that he will see when he first turns on the light.”

7. Chocolate sauce and whipped cream. “Practice your dessert making skills by turning each other into the ice cream sundae.  Optional: putting a cherry on top!”

8.  Shot Glasses. “Drinking Game:  When you get bored one night add tequila and a lime and take body shots.”

Now it’s time for you to share your best bachelorette party activities and gifts!

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