Stitch Fix Personal Stylist Service Review

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Do you ever go into a store and are overwhelmed? For me, I’m usually shopping on a time crunch, get annoyed at messy and crowded stores, and often get caught in indecision. And you know I’m working on improving my fashion game!

So when I heard about Stitch Fix, an online stylist service meets grab-bag shopping experience, I was excited to try it. Now, I should say that there are a lot of online “styling” sites where you take a generic picture quiz to get your “perfect match.” They never seemed to get my style quite right and the pieces weren’t all that enticing.

A couple of notes before I continue: I was not paid or comped in any way to do this review. Second, I tragically deleted the pictures of me modeling the clothes. And yes, I did spend hours trying to recover them to no avail. All I have is a shoddy phone pic. :(

How does it work? First, you sign up for the service. (That’s my referral link, if you wouldn’t mind using it if you’re interested in signing up. Thanks!) Then you take a fairly extensive questionnaire that asks about your sizing, as well as style, fit, material and price preferences. I liked it the questions a lot more than the other “styling” sites (most are just picture quizzes that don’t seem to represent my style!) and felt it was thorough.

Based off of your answers, a real-life stylist will compile five pieces and send them to you. You have the weekend to try them on and decide which ones to keep. The styling service is $20, which is applied to any item you keep. If you keep all five items, you get a discount (20% off the entire purchase, I think).

I received five pieces – a dress for $78, a necklace for $45, a sequin jacket for $122, an embellished tank for $30 and a silky blouse tank for $58. Again, sorry for the bad photo!

I didn’t recognize most of the brand names, but someone in the industry may know more about them.

In the end, I actually didn’t keep anything and had to forgo my $20 fee. I really loved the black embellished tank but it was insanely small, which leads me to some pros and cons of the service.


  • Good quality clothes!
  • Nice range of styles. I liked each piece and thought they listened to my preferences for the most part. I wasn’t going to pay $122 for a sequin jacket and the $45 necklace was a bit of a stretch for me, but I asked for wildcards and glad I got to try them.
  • The customer service was pleasant and fast.
  • Free shipping both ways is always awesome. The return process was very simple as well.
  • You get to try brands you might not otherwise try.


  • The sizing on one of the tops was really off. I couldn’t even get it over my head, yet another top in the same size was a little big. I guess it’s hard to have size control when you’re dealing with multiple brands.
  • You’re not really able to exchange pieces for other sizes, since they have very limited styles. I really wanted the $30 top — it was cutest and in my price range — but they didn’t have any other sizes.
  • The above issue led me to feel somewhat pressured to buy something that I didn’t love. Ultimately, I decided that I didn’t want to spend $58 on a top that I didn’t love. In the real world, I wouldn’t do it, so I’d rather lose the $20 than $58.
  • I almost wish they came with more pieces.

Would I try it again? Sure! Next time I’ll bring my price preferences down, since even though I might be willing to pay more for a jacket or dress that I absolutely loved, I don’t want to be stuck losing $20 or spending more than I really wanted. I also might ask not to receive any accessories, since I would rather receive clothing.

Do you think you would try this service?

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