Inspiration for a Decoraphobe

Have I mentioned how I was going to let my house recuperate after the holidays? Maybe I was letting myself recuperate, too. Yet I still haven’t really changed anything and it’s February. Whoops.

The issue at hand, I believe, is that I can’t figure out the accessorizing part. Either my surfaces seem unconventional — large curvy bookcase or a TV over a mantel — or I just don’t understand the function of having certain things here or there. Give me a space and I can figure out a furniture placement or wall color, but beyond that I just get stuck. Maybe it’s because I my collection of accessories is rather random or too similar?

Either way, I figured I needed to study. So I’ve been saving photos to a Pinterest board so that when I’m ready to get back in the decorating groove, I have some inspiration. These are some of my favorites. I actually even pinned the first one twice. :)

1 (don’t know source!), 2, 3, 4

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this kind of decor dilemma!

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