On the Hunt for Antiques in Petaluma

Antiquing is a sport. I’m serious, you guys. On Sunday, Jillian (friend and fellow leopard-print couch coveter) and I joined up with Kate from Centsational Girl and crew for the Petaluma Antique Fair. I was expecting mildly warm weather, casual strolling and coming home with a bunch of beautiful things. Let me say it again, antiquing is serious business!

And it should be said that Kate is a total pro. She was so incredibly helpful and nice. I was overwhelmed by the crowds and vintage stimuli that I hardly formulated words. (D’oh!)

After meeting up with the group…

Me, Jillian, Kate from Centsational Girl, Marie, Pauline from Struggling to Be Stylish; Claudia from Viva Frugality, and Kim from Yep They’re All Mine.

… we set out to find antiques. Jillian happened to find this gem: an antique urine indicator in a handy wooden box. Anyone need a vintage pregnancy test?

Across the way was this awesome chair. It was one of a set that I thought was cool enough to fit in modern and traditional styles – crazy I know. It almost looks straight out of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” Am I right?

I pretty much am drawn to anything within the color spectrum of robin’s egg blue to sea foam green and will pick up any and all things in that color. Jillian didn’t believe me, but now calls these Emily blue/green. What can I say, I’m just drawn to it! I ended up taking this little bowl home. The style isn’t something I would usually pick up, but it was just screaming “take me!” As Kate said earlier, that’s how you know when you really WANT something at these things, as opposed to just thinking it’s neat.

In another area, we found these pieces of furniture made with textiles designed after British bus station signs. As a writer, I love most anything styled with letters. I wanted to take everything home and am bummed I didn’t get better pictures.

There were also these chairs covered in a burlap bag with words, a coffee bean bag or something?A cute idea!

So as I was alluding to earlier, at this point, I was starting to get weary. After getting distracted by fun odds and ends, we lost the Centsational Girl crew. The sun was beating down pretty hard and both Jillian and I started to fade as we walked down the historic downtown. Things didn’t seem to catch our eye anymore, and not because they weren’t interesting, but because we were running out of juice. So, we ended up grabbing a sandwich and heading home. I can’t wait to go again and practice the “sport of antiquing” in the meantime.

Have you been antiquing? Any fun finds?

Me, Jillian, Kate from Centsational Girl,
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3 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Antiques in Petaluma

  1. Great to meet you both, if only briefly. I was the same, my energy flagged pretty quickly and I ended up taking a long pit-stop at Starbucks.
    I wonder if anyone actually bought the urine indicator??!!

  2. Oh my word!!! A friend of mine just introduced me to kate’s blog & I love it. I’m having william do the head board diy for our bed! That same friend goes to alameda to shop antiques & I’ve been wanting to join for the longest time!! So basically I’m totAlly jealous on multiple levels. :)

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