Wedding Shower Favors

As we already learned, I love going to showers and blessing brides with gifts.  I also love hosting showers.  It’s where creativity meets generosity.  How can you go wrong?  I also like to leave the guests with a little something to take home.  It does not have to be extravagant,  but just a little something to say “thanks for coming by and showering the bride with love.”

Favor #1: This was from Emily’s shower, actually.  So this goes back to May 2008!  My mom and I tagged teamed this tea-themed shower, and both came up with this favor idea.  I think I  had the idea for the custom tea bag holder which said Love is Brewing and she found these super cute candles that were half groom and half bride.  I don’t have a picture of it, but take my word, it was cute!  There were 3 or 4 different blues used for the tea holders, and contrasting blue basket grass stuff.  We put them together in a little bag with some candies, and set each one at a place setting in a teacup.  How quaint!

Favor #2: This was the second bash that my mom and I threw, about a month after the tea party.  This shower was for Emily’s sister-in-law (and my new cousin-in-law), who got married 3 weeks after her.  We had an outdoor garden party in my parents backyard.  It was a warm June day and the weather was just right!  We packed these little goodie bags with sunscreen, candy and those tiny flower pots sets from Target (they can be found seasonally in the dollar aisle).  Affixed to the front was a little tag with one of those plantable flowers glued on (it had seeds inside) with a cheesy, but cute poem.  This made it personal, and that way the guests had something to remember for a long time.  There was probably something else in the favor bag that I am forgetting.

(In case you wanted to know what the poem said: Love is Blooming — Plant this flower In a little Pot. Remember the shower, Before they tied the knot.)

Favor #3: These were for a bridal shower that I helped throw last summer.  I made each of these soaps.  I used this tutorial (and yes, it’s the same method as the soaps for L in my wedding shower gifts post) and had images of rings, cakes and hearts on the front.  The bride got a personalized set with a wedding dress and her new initials on it.  (And Lorene, thanks for taking this picture!)

Favor #4:  These were more recent, from a November bridal shower, the same one where I made the snowflake table runner and towels gift.  Winter coziness was our theme, and what fits better than personalized hot cocoa mixes?  We (the shower planners) got together a week before the shower and mixed together the cocoa using this recipe.  I  had previously printed out and stamped (it’s embossed, when you put the powder on the ink and heat set it). The little tags said The Perfect Blend, with instructions on the back.  We then put the cocoa in mason jars and affixed ribbons attached to the little labels.   Again, thanks to Lorene for letting me use her pictures.  I think I forgot my camera at this shower!

Now, what are some of your favorite shower favors that you have either given or received?

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