We are cousins. We both have husbands named Matt. We are figuring out this whole “wife thing” and are sharing what we learn as we go.Thanks for stopping by!

About Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! I live in Northern California with my husband Matt. We have no kids or pets — yet. For now, we’re enjoying the freedom to the fullest. We met at church and fell in love playing Ultimate Frisbee before getting married surrounded by loved ones and grapevines in July 2008. It was the best party I’ve ever been to! Married life isn’t perfect, but we learn and laugh along the way. It does, however, get better every day when you’re with your best friend. When not blogging here or at Sparkle Meets Pop, DIYing, wine tasting or baking, I spend my days marketing in the wine and spirits industry, and some nights I take work home with me and sip on the fruit of my labor. :)


About Megan

Hey, I’m Megan! I live in Southern California with my husband, Matt — sometimes referred to as Matthew or “M@” in order to differentiate the two — and two adorable cats. Matt and I met during a church college group event and were married three years later on a sunny March day in 2008. Monday through Thursday I’m crunching numbers and doing bid work for a large construction company. During the rest of my time I cook, bake, crochet (I blog about that at Crochet Every Day), sew and watch TV. I’m also learning to be an “Academy Wife” as Matt goes through the Fire Academy. Sunday nights we attend a home church and then our week starts all over again!

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